Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 2–4, 2019
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Jason Michener

Director, Software Development & Engineering
Comcast Technology Center, Philadelphia, PA
Jason Michener is the Engineering Director for the Xfinity Assistant and the aIQ platform that drives it. Before moving to management, Jason was an MSSQL DBA, a web developer, a .NET devotee, and a software architect. A dedicated proponent of servant leadership and developer enablement, Jason now spends his days answering emails and participating in meetings to free up his team for real work. His teams’ focus is on innovating and advancing both their careers and the platform that is playing an increasing role in solving our customer’s needs. Now entering its 2nd year, the aIQ platform is being used for a growing list of Comcast’s customer service channels. aIQ is providing its AI/ML-driven solutions for over 1 million customer service interactions a day, with 15% of those being fronted by the Xfinity Assistant via web or mobile device.