Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 2–4, 2019
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Wednesday, April 3


My First BOSH Release - Rebecca Putinski & Peter Tran, Pivotal
BOSH is a tool that unifies release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management of small and large-scale cloud software by enabling operators deploy software over hundreds of VMs. But how do you get started with packaging your product so it can be deployed, versioned, and managed by BOSH? With BOSH releases, of course! A BOSH release is a versioned collection of configuration properties and templates, start-up scripts, source code, binary artifacts, and everything else required to build and deploy software in a reproducible way. In this talk, we will take you through the process of bringing a new BOSH release to life. We will demonstrate how to create a new release with dependencies and source code, and you’ll learn about the lifecycle hooks BOSH provides for release authors.

avatar for Peter Tran

Peter Tran

Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal
Peter is a senior software engineer at Pivotal Cloud Foundry. For the last two years, he worked on packaging data services like Greenplum and GemFire for Cloud Foundry app developers and is currently a core contributor to GemFire. He has extensive experience building usable BOSH releases... Read More →
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Rebecca Putinski

Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal
Rebecca works at Pivotal Cloud Foundry on the BOSH Core team in Toronto. She has been working in the Pivotal Cloud Foundry and open source Cloud Foundry ecosystem for several years, and has extensive experience with packaging distributed databases into BOSH releases. Rebecca enjoys... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 11:20am - 11:50am
Room 124
  • Experience Level Any


How NOT to Build a Pipeline - Mirah Gary, Pivotal
Pipelines are the infrastructure we use to test and deliver our code. We work with them every day, but sometimes they behave in unexpected ways.

We will go over common failure modes and issues encountered in Concourse pipleines, and understand what we can do to prevent and solve these pain points.

Being able to build pipelines that work for you is critical for effective dev/ops. By sharing our own mistakes, we hope that the audience will be able to recognize them when they happen and know what to do to fix the problems.

After this talk, attendees will:
- be familiar common mistakes found in pipelines and how to recognize and correct them
- be able to build pipelines that facilitate the development process rather than hinder it
- understand how to refactor and improve their pipelines

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Mirah Gary

Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal
Mirah is a senior software engineer at Pivotal, where she works on the Platform Recovery team, where she builds pipelines and products to help operators prepare for and recover from disasters. Prior to coming to Pivotal, Mirah was a theoretical physicist and pondered the deepest mysteries... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Room 124


How the CF Service Mesh Could Solve Identity and Access Management for your Workloads - Tian Wang & Anubha Dubey, Pivotal
As CF integrates the Envoy proxy and the Istio control plane, one of the core areas of interest has been providing security policies for workloads across CFAR and CFCR. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a key area, mixing end user single sign-on, service-to-service authentication/authorization, and control plane identity concerns. These policies cut across many layers, with much previously implemented as generic boilerplate code from language-specific libraries.

Learn how we plan to change this paradigm and allow you to declare codeless language-agnostic policies the platform will use to provide IAM as a service so you can focus on writing features, not infrastructure.

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Anubha Dubey

Sr. Product Designer, Pivotal
Anubha is a Sr. Product Designer at Pivotal working on security and identity design with the User Account and Authentication (UAA) team for open source Cloud Foundry and the Pivotal Single Sign-on service. Before Pivotal, she held the position of UX Designer at Cisco on both cloud... Read More →

Tian Wang

Senior Product Manager, Pivotal
Tian Wang is the Senior Product Manager for App and Workload Identity at Pivotal. He works closely with the identity team for UAA (User Account and Authentication Service) on Open Source Cloud Foundry, with the CF Routing and Networking teams on Istio and Envoy, and leads the Pivotal... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 3:35pm - 4:05pm
Room 124


FaaS: A Contemporary, Comparative Study - Dilleswara Anupoju, Comcast
What is the latest trend that’s catching up in the world of distributed computing? The latest buzz word is FaaS or Serverless- though serverless is a misnomer because these functions still need a run time environment some where; FaaS is simply a new level of abstraction above PaaS & IaaS so that developers can run and deploy snippets of code easily.

As the popularity for FaaS grows, there is a corresponding increase in the number of FaaS flavors, available in the market; each offering is unique in terms of the capabilities and the level of complexity/abstraction.

In this talk Dill Anupoju would like present a comparative study to describe what's out there, how they work so that devs can choose from wide variety of options that's right for their use case

avatar for Dilleswara Anupoju

Dilleswara Anupoju

Platform Engineer, Comcast
I am Dill(Dilleswara) Anupoju ,a Platform/Cloud engineer , part of a platform Architecture &Engineering team and provide application services to our developers here at Comcast. I have total 15yrs work ex , first 5 into software engineering, data structures, algorithms the next 5 heavily... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 4:35pm - 5:05pm
Room 124
  • Experience Level Any


Microservices With Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes - Julian Skupnjak, IBM R&D & Georgi Dankov, SAP
Using the full power of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes to create your services... wouldn’t that be awesome? With Eirini, you can use the great CF push experience and interact with Kubernetes directly at the same time. This opens up some really interesting possibility for using microservices than span both CF and Kubernetes. Come to our talk to explore the full potential of both platforms combined. Transformers unite! Get your black belt in deploying and combining CF apps with native Kubernetes apps.

Participants will learn:

- how to debug combined apps
- how to bind services to you apps using Cloud Foundry Services and Kubernetes
- how to access loggs with both, CF and Kubernetes
- how to monitor CF and Kubernetes apps
- how to implement Continuous Deployment with the combination of both platforms


Georgi Dankov

Software Engineer, SAP
Georgi Dankov works as a Software Engineer at SAP in Bulgaria. Previously he has worked on internal services running on SAP Cloud Platform’s Neo environment. Currently he is part of the team, working on the Cloud Foundry incubating project Eirini - responsible for enabling pluggable... Read More →
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Julian Skupnjak

Software Engineer, IBM
Julian Skupnjak (Herr Julz) is a Software Engineer at IBM Cloud and part of Cloud Foundry's Eirini development team. During his career at IBM Cloud he worked on IBM's Cloud Foundry production system in different roles, but mostly as DevOps engineer at the internal delivery team. During... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 5:15pm - 5:45pm
Room 124
Thursday, April 4


170 Live Apps Migrated to PCF in 18 Months – This is What We Learned - Don Fossgreen, Terry Miles & Jason Nash, West Corporation
West Corporation is a global provider of communication and network infrastructure services. West has a diverse portfolio of solutions that include unified communications services, safety services, and interactive services such as automated notifications, telecom services and specialty agent services. For years West was effectively a holding company, operating each of these industry groups independently. With dozens of acquisitions over the last decade, West’s technology portfolio became extremely diverse. In November of 2017 West Corp was acquired by Apollo Global Management and our transformation from a holding company to an operating company began.

West partnered with Pivotal to enable the consolidation and standardization of our portfolio. We identified over 170 applications running in diverse technology stacks for migration into Pivotal Cloud Foundry and later enabled Pivotal Container Service for those that remained. West partnered with Pivotal Services to drive the technology, process, and cultural change necessary to complete the transformation while simultaneously undergoing the organizational, staffing, and cultural changes that result for an ownership change.

One and a half years into this undertaking we have learned many lessons we want to share with others starting their adoption journeys. The consistent theme is that PCF and PKS just work, but that in order to be successful, an organization needs to enable their teams with supporting technologies, streamlined process, and a culture of innovation. With representation from Architecture, Operations, and Development we would like to share with you the things that will either ensure your team’s adoption success or will slow your progress and limit the return on your investment.


Don Fossgreen

Principal Platform Architect, Digital Transformation & Enterprise Architecture, West Corporation
Don Fossgreen’s software career has spanned roles from developer to architect to engineering director in tiny startups and large enterprises. His products have included Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, Interana (a Facebook bid data spinoff), and countless others. His passion is enabling... Read More →

Terry Miles

Terry Miles focuses on digital and Agile transformation. At West Corporation, he is the Product Manager for PCF. He has done similar work at SchoolMessenger, Measured Progress, Tyton Partners, and the UAE Ministry of Education. Speaking experience includes the Software & Information... Read More →

Jason Nash

Product Engineering Manager, West Corporation
Jason Nash’s wide-ranging career in technology has included roles as a Systems Analyst, Software Developer, DBA, Product Owner, Program Manager, and Development Manager in organizations such as Gallup, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Physicians Mutual, Kiewit, Perot Systems, and others... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:05am - 11:35am
Room 124
  • Experience Level Any


The Developer Experience – Zero to Hero - Jai Schniepp, Liberty Mutual
Developers are integral to delivering on a company’s core business strategy, what often goes over looked is the amount of time they spend on non-value-added work. With introduction of Cloud Foundry, development teams are able to focus on business features and not the infrastructure—but that doesn’t resolve all the problems. Learn how Liberty Mutual has committed to our development teams. We work across the organization to deliver an end to end platform that offers a DevOps experience, focuses on ease of use, embedded security and abstraction. We use terms like developer experience, empathy and user-centered design because we understand if a developer is stuck in a process, our value is zero.

avatar for Jai Schniepp

Jai Schniepp

Director of Product – Secure DevOps Platforms, Liberty Mutual
Jai is the Director of Product for Secure DevOps Platforms at Liberty Mutual. Armed with a BS in Marketing and an MBA, she’s got the coveted soft skills her Information Technology peers long for—she’s outspoken, expressive and action-oriented. Her entire career is based on managing... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:45am - 12:15pm
Room 124


Following the Data: A Deeper Look into Distributed Applications - Jayson Go & Henri van den Bulk, Charles Schwab
Building cloud-enabled applications have become trivial with many platform-as-a-service offerings, but building such applications to be highly-available requires intent and a deeper understanding of architectures and patterns.
Data is a key element of focus, and in this talk, we will follow it through multiple architectures such as event-driven and microservices and patterns such as CQRS and event sourcing. We will expand on these ideas with discussions, and explore them with demos.
At the end of the journey, we will be able to reflect on the path that the data took us, and gain a deeper insight into the world of distributed applications.


Henri van den Bulk

Principal Architect, Charles Schwab
Henri is the principal architect leading one of the largest technical organizations within Charles Schwab. He is a proven technology leader within the solutions, platform and enterprise space. Henri has a broad range of vertical experience in various industries and domains such as... Read More →
avatar for Jayson Go

Jayson Go

Technical Director, Charles Schwab
Jayson Go, also known to colleagues as “JGo”, is a Technical Director for Charles Schwab. JGo began his professional software development career in 2000 where he initially focused on desktop technologies, and later, on web and cloud platforms. As the Solutions Architect for Schwab... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 2:00pm - 2:30pm
Room 124


SAP Cloud Platform Partnership with Alibaba Cloud Journey Over "The Great Wall of China" - Alex Volchok, SAP
Alibaba and SAP partnered two years ago to deliver enterprise cloud solutions in China through Alibaba Cloud to help customers adapt to fast-changing market demands.

As part of the partnership, Alibaba Cloud customers will be able to deploy SAP Cloud Platform to extend their current business solutions, build new applications and integrate third-party technologies.
In this session, we will highlight the path, main challenges and lessons learned from the two year journey deploying SAP Cloud Platform on Alibaba Cloud.

avatar for Alex Volchok

Alex Volchok

cloud enablement expert, SAP
Alex is a cloud enablement expert and a technical lead in the areas of the SAP Cloud Platform and IaaS integrations. He has been working on innovative software solutions and cloud-oriented services within SAP for the past 8 years. Alex is passionate about ideas and products that solve... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 2:40pm - 3:10pm
Room 124
  • Experience Level Any


Using Kubernetes+CF Stack as a Part of Blockchain CI/CD Pipeline - Yauheni Kisialiou & Arsenii Petrovich, Altoros
This session explores how to deploy DApps to Cloud Foundry using the platform’s native role-based access model and cf push to automate the process of preparing images and containers. Attendees will learn how to use CI/CD instruments to ensure DApps versions are always the latest. In addition, we’ll show how to store the state for blockchain nodes using Kubernetes, as well as achieve stable and secure communication across DApps in Cloud Foundry and services in Kubernetes using kibosh.

The session will be essential for operators and the community around the blockchain technology, as well as anyone who runs heavy-load DApps in Ethereum-like networks.


Yauheni Kisialiou

Cloud Solutions Architect, Altoros
Yauheni has previous experience of speaking at SpringOne 2018 in September together with Preter Blum from Pivotal.The topic of the speech was "Credhub for Kubernetes Deployments.Now Yauheni is currently working on Tezos project.

Arsenii Petrovich

Cloud Foundry Engineer, Altoros
Arsenii currently is working on Colu, POA, Tezos projects.

Thursday April 4, 2019 3:40pm - 4:10pm
Room 124


Reinventing the Way of Building a Core Software Product in a 50 Year Old IT Company - Roman Swoszowski, Grape Up
In the fast-paced software development industry, to be ahead of competition means to deliver features, reliability and resilience at the speed demanded by today’s business – making your product cloud based seems to be a go-to plan. Nevertheless, moving the company’s legacy core product written in .Net to the cloud not only sounds but is also extremely complicated. In this talk, we will explain how Grape Up helped one of their customers throughout a journey to change waterfall to DevOps, on-premise to Cloud, and why Cloud Foundry was a vital part of that transformation. During the presentation we will share facts and statistics based on a true case study which compares the old, on-premise era with the new cloud era. Faster time to market, release cycle reduced to 2 weeks instead of 6 months, new style of working and thinking, .NET transformation on Cloud Foundry, culture of continuous feedback. We will prove it’s possible and worth it.

avatar for Roman Swoszowski

Roman Swoszowski

VP, Cloud R&D, Grape Up
Roman Swoszowski is VP and Head of Cloud R&D at Grape Up, responsible for developing the overall technology vision of the company with a focus on cloud native and open source technologies. With almost 15 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, he drives the company’s technology... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 4:20pm - 4:50pm
Room 124