Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 2–4, 2019
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Cloud Foundry for Business [clear filter]
Wednesday, April 3


Introduction to Cloud Foundry for Business Track - Greg Otto, Comcast & Molly Crowther, Pivotal
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Greg Otto

Executive Director, Application Platform Acceleration, Comcast
Note - Keynote speaker at Cloud Foundry 2016, 2017 and SpringOne Platform 2016, 2017 BIO - As Executive Director of Cloud Services at Comcast, Greg is helping transform the product delivery experience. A 20+ year veteran with roots as a programmer, he is passionate about improving... Read More →
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Molly Crowther

Senior Technical Program Manager, Pivotal
Molly Crowther is a Senior Technical Program Manager at Pivotal, working on security strategy and vulnerability management for Cloud Foundry. She also helps lead security workshops for open- and closed-source Cloud Foundry teams in North America and Europe.

Wednesday April 3, 2019 11:10am - 11:20am
Room 121B


How Cloud is Changing Open Source - Chris Power, Comcast
With the rapid adoption of cloud native technologies, open source business models and use has changed. Cloud changes how companies approach open source from a license, business model and business strategy perspective. I will speak about some of the changes I see in the business landscape and our own experience as a company that uses Cloud Foundry for applications.

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Chris Power

Sr. Principal Engineer, Comcast
Chris Power is a Cloud Architect at Comcast, where he leads the cloud center of excellence providing guidance on application architecture, best practices, teaching and educating on cloud, and helping accelerate cloud adoption.  In other roles at Comcast, he was responsible for architecture... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 11:20am - 11:50am
Room 121B


Reliability Engineering for Humans - Hannah Foxwell, Pivotal
The concepts and practices of site reliability engineering are changing the way we build and operate our platforms and enabling us to have more meaningful conversations about availability, service-level objectives, and cost. But what are the benefits for the engineer holding the pager? Can we add a human element to our error budgets?

Join Hannah Foxwell to look at site reliability engineering practices through a human lens. Hannah combines SRE with HumanOps and explains how to use SRE practices to improve the health and well-being of your team.


Hannah Foxwell

Manager, Pivotal
Hannah Foxwell is a manger in Pivotal Cloud Foundry Solutions EMEA, where she helps build wildly successful platform teams with Pivotal Cloud Foundry. A HumanOps champion, a HugOps evangelist, and a DevOps believer, Hannah has spent most of her career trying to create great working... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Room 121B


P to V to C: The Value of Bringing “Everything” to Containers - Cornelia Davis, Pivotal
Roughly twenty years ago VMware began a revolution in how IT systems would be managed. While initially used for only a small subset of their applications, eventually enterprises would move the vast majority of ALL workloads into virtual machines – many had “P(hysical) to V(irtual)” initiatives to accelerate the movement.

Today we stand at a similar crossroad with the widespread availability of container-based systems and particularly, with the extraordinary embrace and expansion of the Kubernetes ecosystem. Similar to the early days of infrastructure virtualization, organizations are already realizing benefits from containerization of some of their workloads. The question then is, first, how much of an enterprise IT portfolio can benefit can and should be moved into container-based platforms and second, what are the new tools and processes needed to fully realize those advantages? Together, Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) and Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR) can capture “everything.”

In this session, we will examine the benefits that containerization can bring over and above that of the traditional infrastructure virtualization – the Devops efficiencies that come from the container image are only the beginning. We’ll also study the important role that infrastructure virtualization continues to play in a containerized IT ecosystem – just as virtualization did not eliminate physical machines, nor does containerization eliminate virtual machines. We’ll study containers, pods, controllers, policies and more – the building blocks of the next generation IT landscapes – and the new practices they enable.

By the end of the session, you’ll be starting to think about your V(irtual) to C(ontainer) initiative.

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Cornelia Davis

Vice President, Technology, Pivotal
Cornelia works on the tech strategy for both Pivotal and with Pivotal customers. With a broad view across the various cloud-computing models of IaaS, App as a Service, Container as a Service and Function as a Service, her current focus is on how the use of container platforms such... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 2:15pm - 2:45pm
Room 121B


How Big is Too Big? Problems with Scale at T-Mobile - Brendan Aye & James Webb, T-Mobile
Over the last three years, T-Mobile has leaned in heavily on Cloud Foundry and the boost it brought to developer productivity. As the platform popularity "hockey-sticked", so did problems with operating large foundations.

Through it all, we struggled to find answers to two important questions:
How big is too big for a foundation?
How many foundations is too many?

Without clear answers, we stumbled in to the limit for both for our environment. Running entirely on-premise, hardware constraints underpinned most of the problems faced, as well as the possible solutions. We'll walk through some of the issues that came up in our larger foundations and what we did about them.


Brendan Aye

Sr.MTS/Director, T-Mobile
Brendan Aye is the Principal Cloud Foundry architect at T-Mobile, where he has been working with Cloud Foundry for four years.
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James Webb

Member of Technical Staff, Platform Architecture, T-Mobile
Technical leader with 20+ years of infrastructure background currently focused on bringing on-premise Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes goodness to the enterprise.

Wednesday April 3, 2019 2:55pm - 3:25pm
Room 121B
  • Experience Level Any


For Act-On Software Cloud Foundry Means One Thing: Velocity - Michael Grimshaw, Act-On Software
If velocity is the speed of something in a given direction, then in the startup sector that need for speed is in the direction of providing innovative software to our customers.

Fast innovation while navigating resource limitations is the name of the game.

With Pivotal Cloud Foundry:
The POC took less than 3 days.
Services were deployed to Act-On's Staging environment in under a month.
...all with only a single Engineer devoted to the project.

Cloud Foundry allows Act-On Software to focus resources on our software business by providing us with speed in security, speed in stability and speed in scalability.

In a word? Velocity


Michael Grimshaw

Sr. Systems Engineer, Act-On Software
Michael E Grimshaw is the Sr. Systems Engineer at Act-On Software in Portland Oregon. He is also the DevOps member of their architecture team and a Scaled Agile Framework certified Scrum Master.Before Act-On Software he held DevOps positions with Nike and Intel Security after spending... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 3:35pm - 4:05pm
Room 121B
  • Experience Level Any


Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes: A Peanut Butter and Jelly Application Sandwich - Carl Swanson & Christopher Rosen, IBM
While debates continue about whether to use Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes, the real question is how these two make better apps together. So what does this have to with sandwiches? Cloud Foundry developers can rapidly create and deploy (peanut butter), while Kubernetes gives you flexibility to manage and scale complex micro-services (jelly). In this session, we’ll show workloads with both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, ones that simplify security with cross-compute tools and that are portable across multi-clouds. And just like the multi-facet sandwich, these solutions together give a truly exceptional overall cloud-native application workload experience.

NOTICE: Please be advised that presentation doesn’t contain peanuts or fruit-spread, and is gluten-free. But it will make you hungry.

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Chris Rosen

Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Kubernetes Service &  Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, IBM
Chris Rosen is a Program Director, Offering Management, for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud.  Chris has held a variety of roles in his 19-year career with IBM and is currently responsible for delivering IBM’s container strategy by working closely... Read More →

Carl Swanson

Offering Manager, IBM
Carl Swanson is currently the Offering Manager for IBM Cloud’s compute offering IBM Cloud Foundry. He has held a variety of roles in his career with IBM and is currently responsible for delivering IBM’s Cloud Foundry, a mature open-source PaaS platform across a range of delivery... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 5:15pm - 5:45pm
Room 121B
Thursday, April 4


This is Not a Technology Problem: Leveraging Culture and Process to Make the Most of Cloud Foundry - Colin Simmons, EngineerBetter
The road to running Cloud Foundry at scale is not without its challenges. Oftentimes it is easy to search for a software solution for everything but what if there is a better way? Through delivery of dojos, healthchecks, training, and continuing enablement Colin Simmons has found that sometimes changes to culture and process yield better results.

As an engineer at EngineerBetter, Colin has the privilege of helping many companies deploy and manage their Cloud Foundry foundations in industries including financial, energy, security, and medical. The industries may differ but the challenges are often the same. Common ones include: struggles reducing cycle times, difficulties on-boarding new team members, or managing a globally distributed team. Sometimes a non-technical approach can move mountains.

Join Colin as he leverages his experience to identify symptoms, drill into causes, and more importantly explain actionable solutions to these and other problems that made him say “This is not a technology problem…”

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Colin Simmons

Software Engineer, EngineerBetter
Colin is an Engineer at EngineerBetter where he works with Cloud Foundry, Concourse, and BOSH on a variety of projects. He has been working with Cloud Foundry since 2015, first as an application developer and now more in operations. Colin had a crucial role on the EngineerBetter teams... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:05am - 11:35am
Room 121B


Stories of Growth and Competitive Edge with Cloud Foundry - Dormain Drewitz, Pivotal Software
The proverbial airwaves are jammed with stories of Cloud Foundry's technical feats. Accelerating application velocity, higher patching frequency, scaling without human intervention, and unrelenting stability. Practitioners—developer and operator alike—abound in stories from their peers. But what about business stories? How do business leaders make sense of the Cloud Foundry usage in the market or their own organization?

Before you bet your business on any technology, you want to know why it's worth it. Are the benefits going to outweigh the risk of changing the status quo? Savings are nice, but what you really want to know is how this will help you grow and compete.

In this talk, Dormain will share examples from a range of industries where Cloud Foundry users have improved their ability to grow and compete. From accelerating time to revenue for a new product to becoming more dynamic with marketing campaigns, Cloud Foundry users are taking market share.

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Dormain Drewitz

Director, Product Marketing, VMware
Dormain leads Product Marketing and Content Strategy for VMware Tanzu. Before VMware she was Senior Director of Pivotal Platform Ecosystem, including RabbitMQ, and Customer Marketing. Previously, she was Director of Product Marketing for Mobile and Pivotal Data Suite. Prior to Pivotal... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:45am - 12:15pm
Room 121B
  • Experience Level Any


CF “Holiday” Push – How DSG Onboarded Over 40 Teams in Seven Months - Nick Belhumeur, Dick's Sporting Goods & Sameer Hashmi, Pivotal
Seven Engineers with zero PCF experience.
Seven months to prepare for the three biggest shopping days of the year.
One goal…survive!!!

In early 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) began their journey along-side Pivotal using PCF with the single goal to improve athletes’ (customers’) experiences in all aspects of the business. This meant enabling teammates (associates) with tools to put their services and solutions in front of end-users faster to make an immediate and positive impact on the customer experience.

The DSG Platform Team was formed and within one month successfully deployed (manually) the first foundation. Two weeks later the process was fully automated, and a production-ready foundation was built. This pace was maintained over the next several months as 40+ product teams were onboarded, microservices were being deployed faster than ever before, and teams raced toward the finish line to be prepared for the holiday shopping season. This is the story of Dick’s Sporting Goods and the team behind the teams that built a foundation for the future.

avatar for Nick Belhumeur

Nick Belhumeur

Platform Reliability Engineer, Dick's Sporting Goods
Nick Belhumeur, MBA, CISSP Platform Reliability EngineerNick Belhumeur is a Platform Reliability Engineer at Dick’s Sporting Goods where he is responsible for managing and supporting the PCF environments and toolsets that enable product teams to develop their best solutions. Prior... Read More →
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Sameer Hashmi

Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal
Sameer Hashmi is a Senior Platform Architect at Pivotal. He works with large organizations to enable and bring them onboard on Pivotal Cloud Foundry with the adoption of 12-factor style apps, microservices and cloud-native patterns and methodologies. Sameer comes with an application... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 2:00pm - 2:30pm
Room 121B


CF on a Budget: Controlling Cost with Your PaaS - David Dobmeier, Stark & Wayne
Being cost-conscious in a cloud world can be difficult. Especially on public clouds, where deployment footprint and instance sizing can be difficult to get right. Throw in lower environments, like sandbox, quality assurance, and development, and you’ve got the makings of a big cloud services bill. In this talk, Dave will present multiple approaches and strategies to running Cloud Foundry on a budget, including resource-based instance sizing, co-locating Cloud Foundry components, and AWS spot instances.

avatar for David Dobmeier

David Dobmeier

Cloud Engineer, Stark & Wayne
David Dobmeier is a Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne. He has seven years of experience including Systems/Network Administration to DevOps, Software Development, and Cloud Infrastructure. In the past few years, he has focused on large-scale infrastructure and software systems including... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 2:40pm - 3:10pm
Room 121B
  • Experience Level Any


Zero to CF in Kube-Cluster in 30 Seconds with Concourse, Helm, Fissile and Eirini - Steffen Uhlig, IBM & Akshay Mankar, Pivotal
Creating a new Cloud Foundry instance has never been easier. With the advent of Fissile and Project Eirini, deploying a new CF has become a matter of invoking a few scripts, fired from a command line.

The Eirini team took this even further with a 1-click approach. In this talk, we will share how we, with the press of a button, create a new Concourse pipeline that creates a new Kubernetes cluster, deploys Cloud Foundry to it, runs CATs, and hands it over to the requester.

We will present an approach to CI/CD that yields standardized development environments resulting in a shorter time to first deploy, with less confusion where to find important information about your environments. With our 1-click pipeline, your kube cluster with CF is not a pet anymore - if in doubt, you can kill and re-create it in seconds.


Akshay Mankar

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Akshay is a Software Engineer at Pivotal. He works on the Eirini project. Before that he worked on CFCR. Akshay has spoken at last two CF summits.
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Steffen Uhlig

Senior Software Engineer, IBM
Steffen is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Research and Development near Stuttgart, Germany. Besides working on Eirini, he is also a member of the postgres-release team. Steffen also served as the first anchor of the bits-service, where a large set of operations was extracted from... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 3:40pm - 4:10pm
Room 121B