Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 2–4, 2019
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Cloud Foundry 101: Getting Started [clear filter]
Wednesday, April 3


Introduction to the Cloud Foundry 101: Getting Started Track - Xiujiao Gao, Stark & Wayne & Jared Ruckle, Pivotal
This track covers the most important topics to help you get started with Cloud Foundry (CF). Regardless of your role, you’ll learn how to get up and running with CF. You will learn that CF supports a wide range of application architectures, so you know what workloads are a good fit for the platform.

You’ll learn from veteran CF operators. These folks have deployed and run the platform at scale and will share what they have learned.

What about the developer experience? We will take a deep look at examining how to use CF to manage applications and backing services. We will learn about building pipelines, and how CI/CD can plug into CF.

This track has something for everyone because all the technologies that touch CF are so diverse. We will learn about .NET with CF. If you’re more familiar with Kubernetes, you can learn how CF compares with this orchestrator.

Services are extremely important for apps. So we focus on how the open service broker framework works, and how it helps you run services across CF and Kubernetes.

We also know that security is important, authentication and authorization are always hot topics. You will learn how to deploy and use UAA both inside and outside of CF.

And finally, every vibrant open-source community needs as a growing pool of thoughtful, responsible contributors. How can you take part? We’ll discuss that too.


Xiujiao Gao

Client Lead and Cloud Engineer, Stark & Wayne
Xiujiao Gao currently works as a Client Lead & Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB). At Stark & Wayne, she has been helping numerous clients with their Platform ("PaaS") Operations... Read More →
avatar for Jared Ruckle

Jared Ruckle

Pivotal, Pivotal

Wednesday April 3, 2019 11:10am - 11:20am
Room 121A


The Essential Getting Started Guide to Cloud Foundry - Tyler Poland & Tyler Bird, Stark & Wayne, LLC.
Today’s user expects a self-service, always-on, plug-and-play, ever-evolving experience. That’s a-lot of hyphens. Cloud Foundry is based on the premise of making Application Development agile and Infrastructure flexible in order for modern enterprise to meet dynamic business needs.

We’ll guide you through the essential, need-to-know basics for an owner, operator, or developer who is new to Cloud Foundry. In thirty minutes, we can give you the keys to enable you to become a core part of the digital transformation within your organization.

avatar for Tyler Bird

Tyler Bird

Cloud Engineer, Stark & Wayne, LLC.
Tyler Bird is a Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne. He has 20 years of experience in areas such as app development and operations of platforms. At Stark & Wayne, he led the creation of the Introduction to Cloud Foundry course on www.edx.org. He also authored and presented the BOSH Operator... Read More →
avatar for Tyler Poland

Tyler Poland

Technical Director, Stark & Wayne, LLC
Tyler Poland is a Technical Director at Stark & Wayne. He has almost 20 years experience in Information Technology which is heavily influenced by more than decade focusing on Cloud Operations, Application Support, and Database Technologies. Tyler is a co-organizer and regular speaker... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 11:20am - 11:50am
Room 121A
  • Experience Level Any


Let's Build a Blog with Cloud Foundry! - Julz Friedman, IBM
This talk is a live coded, worked, real example of how easy it is to use Cloud Foundry to build an application. There are no slides, just a terminal, Cloud Foundry and some jokes in an English accent.

We'll go hands-on from starting your app, pushing it to the platform, testing it locally, scaling it, binding services, viewing logs, debugging issues, using route services and then using container networking to break down the app in to micro-services as it becomes more complex.

avatar for Julz Friedman

Julz Friedman

Open Sourceror, IBM
Julian Friedman (julz) is an IBMer and the project lead for Cloud Foundy's low-level container engine ("Garden") and Eirini (the project to allow Kubernetes to be used as the container scheduler in CF). He has previously worked on various Cloud Foundry projects, performance optimization... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Room 121A


Deep Dive: You Can Run THAT on Cloud Foundry? - Richard Seroter, Pivotal
Do you think Cloud Foundry is just for cloud-native apps? It's an honest mistake to make. Cloud Foundry actually runs all sorts of workloads, many of which might surprise you. In this talk, join Richard as he walks through a handful of different types of applications—batch jobs, streaming pipelines, .NET apps, TCP routable apps, and more—and deploys each to Cloud Foundry. At the end of the talk, you'll walk away with a checklist of workloads that are suitable for a Cloud Foundry environment.

avatar for Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter

VP of Product Marketing, Pivotal
Richard Seroter is the VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal, with a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Colorado. He’s also an 11-time Microsoft MVP for cloud, Pluralsight trainer, lead InfoQ.com editor for cloud computing, frequent public speaker, and author of... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 2:15pm - 3:25pm
Room 121A


Preflight Platform Checklist - A Mechanic's Guide - Kevin Rutten & Chris Weibel, Stark & Wayne
Before you can deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry to let your company fly, there are still many little steps to take. Do you have the credentials to your IaaS yet? Do you even know what resources you can use? Firewall rules, datastores, architectures. Kevin and Chris will help guide you through the preflight checklist you need to let Cloud Foundry deploy and take off. Build the painless Future for deploying.

avatar for Kevin Rutten

Kevin Rutten

Cloud Engineer, Stark & Wayne
Kevin Rutten is a Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne. He has worked with everything from eight-bit microprocessors, to setting up new Data Centres and is currently developing the tools to streamline the deployment and maintenance of BOSH and Cloud Foundry components. Kevin has worked... Read More →
avatar for Chris Weibel

Chris Weibel

Engineering Team Lead, Stark & Wayne
Chris Weibel is a Engineer Team Lead at Stark & Wayne and has worked on several projects including SHIELD & RDPG. The last five years have been spent helping deploy and maintain Cloud Foundry. A former DBA, SAN administrator, and developer in the regulated banking, utilities and healthcare... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 3:35pm - 4:05pm
Room 121A


Cloud Foundry for Everyone! - Mirna Alaisami & Matthias Haeussler, Novatec Consulting GmbH
This talk will give an overview of the various possibilities to easily access and get in touch with the Cloud Foundry platform. Cloud Foundry comes in various flavors, there is a big range of commercial hosted offerings, private deployment options and various development environment alternatives. This presentation is intended for users who would like to get their first hands-on experience or for others who might want to evaluate an alternative deployment option. The analysis will compare the public offerings based on the metrics of price, availability, options and available services as well as the self-deployed options in terms of simplicity in setup and handling and requirements. It is supposed to cover the breadth of the Cloud Foundry offerings and give an easy entry path to the technology. Kubernetes-based offerings like CFCR, containerized CF and Project Eirini will be covered as well.

avatar for Mirna Alaisami

Mirna Alaisami

Cloud Consultant, Novatec Consulting GmbH
Mirna Alaisami is a Junior Consultant at Novatec in Germany. She is working on a project that enables customers increase their knowledge and experience in the area of cloud-native development, in particular Docker and Kubernetes. Mirna has written her Master Thesis on the topic of... Read More →
avatar for Matthias Haeussler

Matthias Haeussler

Principal Cloud Advocate, NovaTec Consulting GmbH
Matthias Haeussler is a Principal Advocate at Novatec Consulting, awarded ambassador for Cloud Foundry and the organizer of the Stuttgart Cloud Foundry Meetup. He advises clients on Cloud strategies and supports implementations and migrations. Prior to that he was employed at IBM... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 4:35pm - 5:05pm
Room 121A
  • Experience Level Any


Cloud Foundry 101 for Kubernetes Users - Steffen Uhlig, IBM & Oleksandr Slynko, Pivotal
This talk will take Kubernetes users from “zero to hero” with Cloud Foundry. Kubernetes is fantastic, but since you are at CF Summit you are probably tempted by the Cloud Foundry promise of letting you “just push code” and not worry about the details of containers, and scheduling, and scaling. But Cloud Foundry does still have a learning curve -- this talk is here to help you over it!

Kubernetes is meant to be used by operators, not developers. Developers shouldn’t need to care about the inner workings of Kubernetes such as Pods, Services, StatefulSets, Ingresses and how to use and configure them just to get their application running, right? This is where Cloud Foundry comes in.

In this talk, we will explore what Kubernetes users need to know when using Cloud Foundry. We’ll get familiar with CF's own container scheduler -Diego- and its differences with Kubernetes. We will also look at how, using Eirini, you can get up and running with CF on your existing Kubernetes cluster with a couple of helm installs. And we’ll compare, hands-on, the effort it takes to bring up an application from scratch in both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes and see it running in the cloud!

avatar for Oleksandr Slynko

Oleksandr Slynko

Eirininaut, Pivotal
Oleksandr is Staff Software Engineer at Pivotal and works on project Eirini. Before that Oleksnadr worked on Cloud Foundry Container Runtime and related projects for more than two years. Oleksandr has a background in automation and working on high available cloud solutions.
avatar for Steffen Uhlig

Steffen Uhlig

Senior Software Engineer, IBM
Steffen is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Research and Development near Stuttgart, Germany. Besides working on Eirini, he is also a member of the postgres-release team. Steffen also served as the first anchor of the bits-service, where a large set of operations was extracted from... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 5:15pm - 5:45pm
Room 121A
Thursday, April 4


It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Lessons Learnt from Onboarding New Cloud Foundry Contributors - Denise Yu & Andrew Su, Pivotal
Pivotal Cloud Foundry has hundreds of engineers working on Open Source Cloud Foundry and PCF, but the majority join us with no previous experience working in this project space. It is challenging to design an effective and empathetic onboarding program for engineers who are new to platform development, but technical onboarding is one of the most critical components for building an inclusive engineering culture, at home and within the larger Open Source community. In this talk, we will provide an overview of Pivotal’s “Onboarding Week” ritual, and showcase how we implement various Extreme Programming practices to facilitate learning, feedback, and continuous improvement.

At the core of all of these practices is psychological safety: a critical component for creating an environment where it is completely safe to fail and explore. By the end of this talk, all attendees -- whether they are engineers, managers, leadership, or somewhere in between -- will learn how to assess the effectiveness of their current onboarding practices and gain some new insights on how to design empathetic onboarding programs.


Andrew Su

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Andrew has been contributing to BOSH for two and a half years, and was the anchor of the Toronto BOSH team. In his time on the team he drove feature work on the BOSH links API, the removal of the registry, and many others. Prior to joining BOSH he built consumer-facing applications... Read More →
avatar for Denise Yu

Denise Yu

Senior software engineer, Pivotal
Denise works on Concourse CI, an open source workflow automation tool, at Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In the past she has worked on open- and closed-source products in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem including BOSH, Cloud Controller, and the On-Demand Service Broker SDK. She speaks regularly... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:05am - 11:35am
Room 121A
  • Experience Level Any


The Genesis of Cloud Foundry: Using Open Source Tools to Easily Deploy Production Ready CF in Less than a Day - Charlie Baum, Comcast
This session will discuss the open source toolchains that Comcast used to create an operations control plane consisting of a jumpbox, bosh director, concourse, secrets management, and services broker to then centrally deploy and manage distributed, multi-cloud open source CF deployments. Charlie will also discuss why Comcast chose this architecture, how they scaled this model and how they convinced their application teams to onboard over 13,000 AIs in less than three months.

avatar for Charlie Baum

Charlie Baum

Principal Engineer, Comcast
Charlie Baum is a Principal Engineer working primarily on deploying, maintaining, and evangelizing open source Cloud Foundry at Comcast.

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:45am - 12:15pm
Room 121A
  • Experience Level Any


Deep Dive: DotNet and CF Pipeline - Larry Smithmier & Nathan Allen-Wagner, Magenic
For organizations transitioning from traditional DotNet to CloudFoundry, the process can seem daunting. This session will walk through a narrow happy path for training and setting up a team for success, from a backlog and a blank screen to your first production deployment. Topics that will be discussed include kanban -vs- sprints, appropriate decomposition and user story sizing, scaffolding, source control and branching, build tooling, testing and gated builds, and deployments. Some common pitfalls will be examined and tricks to avoid grafting current bad practices to a new development platform will be covered as well.

avatar for Nathan Allen-Wagner

Nathan Allen-Wagner

Associate Principal Consultant, Magenic
Nathan has been with Magenic for 5 years and has 20 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting various types of systems from occasionally connected desktop apps to multi-user distributed systems, message oriented backend processes, and micro-services. He has worn... Read More →
avatar for Larry Smithmier

Larry Smithmier

Principal Consultant, Magenic
Larry Smithmier has worked for Magenic for more than 6 years and has over 20+ years’ experience as a systems analyst & software engineer. He is an experienced technical lead and developer with a focus on enterprise development practices and developer education. His active consulting... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 2:00pm - 3:10pm
Room 121A
  • Experience Level Any


Open Service Broker 101: That Extra Something - Christian Brinker, evoila
While building up a productive Cloud Foundry Application Runtime and Container Runtime one soon realizes that making use of solely the core components of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime and Container Runtime will not realize the platforms objective by itself - to speed up the software development by standardization.

To that the platforms only provide a standardized runtime environment without the other necessary components required by a productive environment of software systems like databases, message queues or log aggregators. But these also have to be provided in a standardized and fast way to speed up a software development process. The solution is called ‘Service Broker’.

In his talk, Christian Brinker takes the audience on the journey from the reasons for the usage of service brokers via their inner structure and effects to complex production setups. He presents common pitfalls and best practices as well as giving a deep insight in the open source service broker framework of his team. Thereby he enlightens common problems like remote controlled load balancers, service key management or on-premise deployment of complex database clusters.

Additionallly, he talks about how to run Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry next to another using the same service brokers and how to share service instances (e.g. a database) between both environments.

avatar for Christian Brinker

Christian Brinker

Senior Software Engineer, evoila GmbH
As a long-standing member of the evoila PaaS team Christian Brinker is well experienced in the automation of cloud environments. His focus is the development of software architectures in customized XaaS solutions. He developed many solutions in and for the Cloud Foundry ecosystem... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 3:40pm - 4:10pm
Room 121A


Deploying UAA to Cloud Foundry and using within your Applications - Dr. Nic Williams, Stark & Wayne
Your organization can easily centralize its user accounts and authentication across applications using the CF UAA -- yes, the same UAA that sits inside Cloud Foundry. Your applications integrate with the UAA using the industry standard OAuth2, and you have a range of ways to optionally integrate the UAA to backend directories of users. You can even theme the UAA for your company.

In this talk we discuss how to run the UAA locally for development of local apps, and how to run the UAA in Cloud Foundry. We’ll cover configuration, and how to make major theme changes to the UAA. We will investigate the https://github.com/starkandwayne/quick-uaa-deployment-cf and its sister projects that make deploying the UAA to various target environments quick and fun.

avatar for Dr Nic Williams

Dr Nic Williams

CEO, Stark & Wayne
User and evangelist of Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Concourse CI, and BOSH. Author of books Concourse Tutorial and Ultimate Guide to BOSH. Awarded Cloud Foundry Champion 2018. CEO of Stark & Wayne.

Thursday April 4, 2019 4:20pm - 4:50pm
Room 121A